Join Our Services & Discounts Program

Many businesses want to get next to the dealer members of TIADA, but only the highest-quality companies offering the very best benefits are accepted into the TIADA Services & Discounts Program. Below you will find the application requirements as well as the benefits of participating in this program. Participants must provide assurance that the proposed benefit will be equal to or greater than any existing discount program.

TIADA staff will contact each applicant once all materials have been received. The applications will then be provided to the TIADA Membership Services Committee, who reviews all applicants quarterly. Their recommendations are made to the Board of Directors, who also meets quarterly and grants final approval. (For Board of Directors meeting dates, please see our Calendar of Events.)

Click here to access the application form (TIADA members only)

Application Requirements:

  • Must offer an ongoing discount or specific benefit not available to non-members
  • Requires an acceptance fee of $5000. This may be treated as a recoupable advance against royalty payments, if an affinity program is proposed.
  • Participant is expected to meet certain membership participation goals:
    • 5% by 6 months
    • 10% by twelve months
    • 10% participation expected to be maintained after that to remain on the program
  • Must maintain membership in good standing with TIADA throughout the program. Membership dues must be paid for separately and are in addition to the acceptance fee and any royalty payments. 
  • Must complete the application and submit all required materials 
  • Must provide current and previous year's financial statements 
  • Must provide reference letters from two current dealer members of TIADA endorsing your products or services 
  • Must provide Dun & Bradstreet ratings, AM Best Rating for insurance companies, evidence of required insurance for warranty companies, as applicable 
  • Organizations who have long-standing relationships with the association may be eligible for “fast-track” approval. Organizations who meet this criteria may submit the online form with no additional materials required. Final approval authority will rest with the TIADA Board of Directors.
  • TIADA’s Board of Directors may amend or waive certain requirements for application at its discretion 


  • TIADA will send one email per quarter to the members on the participant’s behalf
  • Name/Logo featured on the TIADA Services & Discounts landing page on
  • Personalized, custom company webpage on
  • 25% discount on Texas Dealer magazine advertising